Commemorative sculpture for emigrants

The commemorative sculpture to Migrants was conceived in 2006 to be made using the planks of the “floating wrecks” . Following the author’s will, it will have a limited, unpredictable,  duration due to the wear and tear caused by the Elements of Nature. This temporariness is exactly the thematic linchpin irradiating his message, which can also be formulated as an equation: the end of the work’s life cycle will depend on the action of the Elements as well as the end of the humanitarian emergency will depend on the initiatives the Community of Nations will take. How long will these sea tragedies last? The work becomes an interpreter of this question arisen from the sensitive consciences of the civil society and it hopes for some supranational actions meeting the humanitarian imperative to make an end of this tragedies.

The apotropaic eyes – ancient symbols painted on the bows of the boats to protect sailors from the perils of the travel – are drawn from the “floating wrecks” and represent a warning indicating how these tragedies occur for all the world to see.

Towards the circus of this fluorescent civilization

towards this lighthouse of illusions

at night direct their escape

boats full of hopeful men.

They know the trafficker captain

holds Charon’s oar in his hand

they know off the Strait

waves are wandering graves decorated with foam

they know and go away

because staying is not more worthy than dying