Characters of Odyssey

Òmeros means “hostage” in ancient Greek. As all the poets of the oral history, Homer was hostage of memory: remembering meant telling. From that narration made of voice, pauses and wise rhythm, myths and adventures came to us today, in the form of a poem. Some characters of the Odyssey are shown here in the form of sculptures. Sculptures I define “chairs” to evoke that resting position which has helped the oral transmission of history over the centuries.

Hence, Ulysses come back from the sea, has the body of a helm, as thin as craftiness is slight, and stands on that bow which will avenge the offence caused to his palace; Penelope appears as a throne/loom in which the never-finished shroud is basted; the Suitors, arched and daredevil princes, in a line, compose a bench.

In the vulnerability of his single blinded eye, Cyclops is drawn near a hypothetical female companion acting as his guide; the Siren has no voice but seduces with her bright body of a fish and offers herself “lying down”.