Born in Ortygia, Syracuse, in 1959, he has then trained in Milan. After having attended the art school, a series of work experiences begin, coinciding with his eclectic vocation, an expressive restlessness alternating creativity addressed to applied arts and devotion to writing. all experiences which, since 1996, have been merging into a completely absorbing artistic adventure. That year, in order to experience creativity actually free from any form of influence and dependency, he leaves Milan to retire for three years in the land and sea of his origins. There, in the south, inside Etna’s lava woods and in front of the mythological sea of Stromboli, he worked on the artistic project “Mediterranean altars: The pilgrimage of impossible lovers”, in which painting, sculpture and writing are blended. In 1999, that existential phase of a long sabbatical experience ends. In the following years, his expressive research becomes more and more dripping with an anthropological spirit and specifically oriented towards the Mediterranean subject. His work is quoted in the volume “Arte e cultura del Mediterraneo nel XX Secolo” [Art and culture of the Mediterranean in the 20th century] edited by Unesco in 2004.

Main exhibitions:

2000, Solo exhibition “Alitalia per l’Arte” [“Alitalia for Art”], Malpensa airport, Milan

2004  Solo exhibition, Museo del Corso,  Fondazione Roma- Rome

2005   Solo exhibition, Scalinata di S. Maria del Monte, Caltagirone

2006     Solo exhibition, Galleria Don Luigi Sturzo, Caltagirone

2007     Collective exhibition “Genio siciliano” [“Sicilian genius”], , Museo Historico Nacional, Rio de Janeiro

2008     Solo exhibition Chiesa di S. Giacomo, Roma

2008      Solo exhibition Accademia della Cultura, Castello Ginori, Querceto (Pisa)

2009    Participation  with “Return to the origins” installation in the Biennale M’arte, Montegemoli  (Pisa)

2010  Solo exhibition, “Mediterranean: spirituality, myth, present-time”] Palazzo del Sole 24 Ore, Milano

2011   Participation  with “Homo Mediterraneus” in the Biennale M’arte, Montegemoli (Pisa)

2012  Installation “Myth: characters of Odissey”,  Park of Arenzan

2012   Solo exhibition,  “Mediterranean….” European Commission, Luxembourg

2012   Installation Myth: characters of Odissey”,  Abbaye de Neumunster/Anna Lindh Foundation-Luxembourg

2013  Solo exhibition, “Mediterranean…” European Commission, Berlaymont, Bruxelles